The Wilmer Power Switch energy auction was a great success! If you haven’t already signed up, join your friends and neighbors and find out if you could save on your electricity bills.

The Power Switch program resulted in two winning offers: a 12 and a 24-month fixed-rate and 100% renewable plan. The winning rates are approximately 20-24% lower than the average rate of similar plans available from other providers available on the day of the auction. As an added bonus, the winning provider offers active military members no deposit regardless of their credit rating.

The potential savings will depend on a household’s annual usage. For example, a household that uses 16,000 kWh a year could save an average of $411 per year with the 12-month plan. The savings could be even greater with the 24-month plan.

There is no cost to the city to promote this program, nor does the city receive any financial compensation. If you have not yet registered for the program, you can still sign up until March 3rd. It is free to register and there's no obligation to switch.

If you need help or have questions, email or call 888-376-2077 from 8am to 10pm (Mon through Sat). For more information, check out the video below.

Households in areas served by a member-owned electricity cooperative or a municipal-owned utility are not eligible to participate.